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Large jute laundry basket, 50cm bathroom basket.

Large jute laundry basket, 50cm bathroom basket.

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Large jute laundry basket, bathroom basket.
Basket for clean or dirty laundry.

Inside the basket there is a fabric cover that can be easily removed for washing.
This basket contains a large amount of linen, toys in the children's room, for storing pillows and blankets, a decorative basket.

Linen, toys, pillows, bedspreads, children's things and everything you want to hide from prying eyes, you can put in this basket.
The basket is large and spacious. It is also used to store dog toys.
The original handle on the lid and the simple design give it sophistication.

Handmade jute rope bathroom laundry basket makes your home more cozy and organized.It is handmade (sewn) from 100% jute rope.
The basket is expanded in two ways, it will not change shape or fall apart.
The basket comes in a sturdy box that retains its appearance. You will receive it in late condition, no damage.

Height: 50 cm
Width: (base 35cm)
Colour: natural/beige

*Please note, since this is a handmade product, there may be +-1-2cm difference in size.
MATERIAL: 100% jute
Jute is a natural plant material with high flora resistance and does not stretch. Jute is completely biodegradable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is also known for its heat absorption. Products are excluded from it and do not require additional removal. This biodegradable material acquires increased moisture-holding and fire-retardant properties.
- Clean stains with cold water and soap (pH-neutral detergent).- Stubborn dirt can be removed with a soft brush/sponge.
- To dry, place the basket on a horizontal surface on a towel, away from a heat source, and carefully discard the towel to remove excess water.
- Do not wash the basket in the machine.
- Do not twist or unfold the basket as this may cause it to lose its shape.
- Protect it from direct sunlight to keep its vibrant color.
- Do not bleach.
- Made in the UK
- The manufacturing history is designed and sewn by me personally.

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